Junior Web Analytics Engineer with experience in Data Engineering


Montpellier, FR / Remote


For this specific mission, motivation and eagerness to learn are going to be key.

The Junior Web Analytics Engineer will be working with our clients to collect behavioural data from different types of sites and applications.

If you are this person, you will learn and gain autonomy on delivery activities. At the end of the internship, you should be autonomous on the following activities:

  • Review of web and app analytics framework; including data layer, tag management systems and reporting
  • Writing requirements and tagging plans in collaboration with the client and under supervision of senior team members
  • Following implementation on websites, making sure it fits the initial requirements
  • End-to-end quality insurance, deployment
  • Bring your perspective on data analysis

You will be in touch with a variety of teams including (but not limited to):

  • Client Web Analytics team
  • Client Data team
  • Client IT departments
  • Client Product owners
  • Client Leadership team
  • Internal Delivery team
  • Internal Leadership team
  • Development teams


The business structures that our clients manage are always specific, complex, and heterogeneous in maturity. It is important you:

  • Are independent, proactive, analytical and open-minded
  • Care the impact of your actions in the long-term
  • Autonomous in learning and is at ease with reading long documentation
  • Critical thinking
  • Team player


The company is based in Montpellier, France. However, we all work remotely. If this is the type of job you are looking for, the time difference must be less than 3 hours with the France time (plus or minus). If you prefer to come work at this office, this is also possible but you will have to relocate to Montpellier.

Required skills

Communication will be in English. The core of our offer is based on Google Marketing Platform. It is crucial to us that you can show:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
  • Proven experience with Google Tag Manager and datalayers, and Google Analytics. More than a use case we will look at the understanding of the concepts of each tool, and how you are able to use them to create deployability and maintainability.
  • Strong appetite for challenging environments
  • Proficiency in or strong curiosity in non web data ingestion pipelines
  • Some experience in dashboarding and data presentation
  • Comfortable in English

What is most important to us

  • Proficiency in and passion for data in general

  • Willingness to participate in an entrepreneurial journey


We are currently based in France, so the contract is based on French law. It includes: private health care, 5 paid weeks of holidays, paid sick leaves, pre-paid lunches, bonuses and other rewards.

Working remotely is an option, or you can work from SouthWatts offices in France if you prefer.

We will actively support your development, and it matters to us that you spend time with your peers. Attending conferences and meetings will be encouraged and supported.

You will be working in an environment that confronts you to a wide variety of issues, technologies. Your creativity and ability to find solutions will be stimulated.

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